OM Therapist ... OSSIE MAIR, MA, LMFT
  finding the rhythm in your life

Ossie Mair is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, located in the Greater Los Angeles area, with an office in Burbank, the OM centre.

Some of Ossie’s clients are children and adolescents, dealing with issues such as: separation, divorce, loss of a family member, anger, depression, defiance, and socialization skills.  Ossie also works with a variety of adults, dealing with relationship, marriage, life passages, and family issues.

When working with children, Ossie uses Play Therapy as one of his tools to help his younger clients feel safe and comfortable, in a place that may feel strange at first.  He also uses drums and small percussion instruments with all of his clients as a way to access feelings that may be difficult to vocalize.

However you choose to work with Ossie, you can be assured that his main goal is to help his clients find healthy and safe ways to make the necessary adjustments in their lives.