OM Therapist ... OSSIE MAIR, MA, LMFT
finding the rhythm in your life

OM Rhythm Therapy

OM Rhythm Therapy (OMRT) is a therapeutic modality that promotes emotional health and well-being using drums and small percussion instruments to spontaneously create rhythms.  The great thing about this form of drumming is that you don’t need any experience.  Even people who say they have no rhythm (feel your pulse-that’s your rhythm), can attain a health benefit from group drumming and rhythm making.  The physicality of drumming can also be seen as a form of exercise, and for most, it’s much more fun than walking on a treadmill.

Drumming is probably one of the oldest and most primitive forms of music making.  And creating rhythms has been a part of most, if not all, civilizations throughout the ages and across the globe.  It has been used in a myriad of forms for ceremonial purposes, celebration, communication, and healing.

OMRT uses many approaches to create rhythmic healing, including components of traditional drum circles, group therapy, and mindfulness.  OMRT is a system that heals, relaxes, entrances, invigorates and transports you to a place of health and well-being.

OMRT can help reduce tension, anxiety and stress, help you focus, and keep your mind in the present.  Also, research has found that group drumming can induce deep relaxation and trancelike states, boost the immune system and lower blood pressure.